S.T.E.W. Crew Cultural Club

During the school year we keep students involved with the S.T.E.W. Crew Cultural Club. The cultural club meets twice a month and features:

  • Guest speakers from other cultures
  • Unique music appreciation
  • Art projects
  • And more!

Goals of S.T.E.W. Crew Cultural Club

Our goal is that after some time in S.T.E.W. Crew, students will:

  1. Value Diversity.
  2. Have the capacity for cultural self-assessment.
  3. Be conscious of the "dynamics" inherent when cultures interact.
  4. Reflect an understanding of diversity between and within cultures.
  5. Reflect attitudes, structures, policies, and services that are aligned with cultural competency.

S.T.E.W. Crew Cultural Club Membership

Membership is open to sixth grade elementary students. Membership dues are $50 per year, or $25 per semester. All persons considered as active members must meet the requirements for membership including paying dues and attending monthly meetings. A member will be considered inactive if he/she fails to pay dues and/or fails to attend monthly meetings, as well as fails to adhere to the goals of the club (see above).