Enrollment & Registration

Application Process

Registration Process 

If you are interested in having your current 4-6 grade student attend the new ASB Innovation Academy, you will need to complete the 20-21 Enrollment through your Parent Portal and answer the yes/no question.  Students who have selected “yes” will be entered into a lottery to fill the open seats in grades 5-7 for this school.  When filling out the 20-21 Enrollment form, it is very important that you confirm your email address is correct, as that is how important information regarding the lottery will be communicated to you.

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** If your student belongs to the “core” group of students already planning on attending ASB Innovation Academy, you will still need to complete the 20-21 Enrollment form by May 11, 2020 to confirm your student’s seat.

Acceptance preferences will be given to:
  • 2019/20 5th and 6th grade students involved in the Bakken pilot program.
  • Students of ASB Innovation Academy employees.
  • Family/Sibling priorities.
Other applications will go through the lottery process (powered by PowerSchool).
  • Students not involved in the pilot program.
  • Current 4th grade students.
Important Dates

4/27/2020:  20-21 Enrollment Opens

5/11/2020:  ASB Innovation Academy Enrollment closes

5/12/2020:  Independent Lottery ran to fill seats for the ASB Innovation Academy

5/13/2020:  Parents/Guardians notified via email of their student’s selection

5/18/2020:  Last day for Parents/Guardians to confirm their student’s seat at ASB Innovation Academy

For any questions regarding this, please contact enrollment@willistonschools.org.