What is the Innovation Academy?

It is a fifth through eight grade community focused on...
  • Being Student Centered.  Responding to student needs and feedback, promoting empathy, Voice and Choice.
  • Design Thinking.  Seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, redefine problems, and identify alternative strategies/solutions that might not be instantly apparent.
  • Partnership with Community.  Not only going out into the community but bringing the outside community into our school community.
  • Real World Experiences.  Field trips, job/career exploration, real-world technology applications.
  • Keep Moving Forward.  Our work is never over or 'solved.'  We are always a work in progress.


March 2020 - Begin having parent meetings, sharing our vision and talking about the application process.

April 2020 - Begin registration process and application for lottery.

May 2020 - Run lottery, notify selections.

June 2020 - Storymaker workshop.

August 2020 - Moving into the building, community open houses, parent meetings.

December 2020 - Holiday community celebration.

Summer 2021 - Summer workshops.

2021/2022 School Year - 8th grade arrives!